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“World’s Okayest Mom”

I’ve wanted this mug for several months now and finally added it to my cart on Amazon last week.

This mug completes me, and not in a self-deprecating way by any means. Somebody else can be Super Mom. That’s too much pressure to put on myself. I’m the best mom I can be, and that’s okay. I don’t wear makeup every day, and that’s okay (see picture for proof). Sometimes I lose my patience with my kiddos, and that’s okay. I get tired of “Watch this” and “Do you know something?” and that’s okay. It’s all okay because I’m doing my best to love and nurture my kids, while realizing I’m not perfect and neither are they. What if we were able to gracefully teach our children to try their best, and be okay with not being perfect?

My oldest child is starting Kindergarten this week. We’re both a delicate mixture of nerves and excitement. I’ve been asking friends for advice, did a dry run of the morning drop-off, and even looked on Pinterest for Back to School traditions that our family could start. When I found out that an acquaintance of a friend will have her oldest child in the same class, I hopped on Facebook and was going to ask her to be my “friend” so we could begin this journey together. But as I scrolled down her wall, I decided not to send my request. In one of her recent posts, she was shaming another mom, a complete stranger, no less. She actually typed the words, “shame on you!” Just by her Facebook wall, I decided I didn’t want to be this lady’s friend. What if I was next? What if she wrote, “shame on you” about me? It wasn’t worth the risk.

I am truly doing my best at this parenting gig and I believe most of us are. I’m great at some things and pretty good as some other things. And I’m really bad at a lot of things. And if I had to guess, I’d say you are, too. We have been given this gift of parenthood and my best looks different than your best. And that’s okay. WORLD’S OKAYEST MOMS and DADS, UNITE! (There are tons of “World’s Okayest Dads” paraphernalia out there, too.)

Since the arrival of my mug, I’ve become aware of a whole Facebook group dedicated to the World’s Okayest Moms. (And here I was, thinking I was being original. It turns out there is a gaggle of us out there.)

What about you? Do you struggle with wanting to be Super Mom or Super Dad and feel discouraged when you don’t measure up to an imaginary prototype? What can you do today to remove some of the pressure to be perfect? I’m discovering there’s no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be the best you instead. That’s all your kids need.

By Courtney Westfall,
World’s Okayest Mom
To Liam, Brody and Emmie
Minister for Preschool and Lower Elementary
First United Methodist Church, Tulsa

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