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We partner with parents and caregivers to nurture and develop the healthy growth of all young children by providing reliable early childhood resources, developmental assessments and early intervention services 

Developmental Screening 
Children’s physical growth is measured by their height and weight, but growth also involves developmental skills. More >

Early Literacy
Learning to read and write is a process that emerges from experiences early in a child’s life, and it begins with relationships. More >

Developmental Resources
No two children develop alike, but there are stages that can guide you through looking at your child’s development. More >

In addition to developmental screening and resources available through our website we also have an expert team of clinicians. Our team provides Child Development Consultation, Speech and OccupationalTherapy evaluation and therapy, and Developmental Pediatrics 

Early Literacy Videos

Early literacy does not mean early reading. Early literacy skills are the foundation for learning to talk, listen, read, and write.




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